EAB and The Resolution Project (TRP) Partnership

EAB has partnered with The Resolution Project (TRP) to launch a collaborative social entrepreneurship initiative in cooperation with regional higher education institutions.

EAB is working with TRP to recruit undergraduate students to propose social ventures in our multi-stage Social Venture Challenge. Winners of the Social Venture Challenge are awarded Resolution Fellowships. Support for Fellows includes seed funding, hands-on mentorship, access to pro bono resources, and a community of like-minded peers. Fellows are then connected with opportunities to grow their ventures, their careers, and their impact through partner organizations.

How It Works

A business competition that will change the world.

  • Identify

    Entrepreneurs in emerging economies who are already changing their community.

    Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give first and make a difference by giving access to their network for emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations.

  • Curate

    We curate a custom experience that gives seasoned entrepreneurs the ability to give back and open their network in a manner that is both time efficient and as friction-less as possible.

  • Connect

    We connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through trusted referrals in the seasoned entrepreneur's network, emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries get a jump start in the life of their startups by giving them connections that may take years or decades on their own.

Our Goals

  • Undergrads

    By focusing on the best and the brightest undergraduate students we will help identify the entrepreneurs and ideas that will impact the world in new and exciting ways.

  • Impact

    Using traditional startup techniques new impact organizations can be started, grow and scale faster than a traditional non-profit organization.

  • Acceleration

    Many impact organizations fail early not because they lack impact but because well meaning founders need access quickly start, build and scale their organizations. 

First to Fund, First to Believe

Our Partners at The Resolution Project have been funding and accelerating new impact organizations in over 87 countries, with nearly 6.3 million lives impacted.

chris cochran

Chris Cochran

Executive Director

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Audacious programs like this do not happen in a bubble. If you would like to help with funding or learning more about The Resolution Project, which universities we are working with or how you can help, just let us know!