2019 Initiatives

We are building the infrastructure and business processes to recruit, curate, match, communicate and track both our seasoned and aspirational entrepreneurs.

Here are highlights of efforts currently underway:

  • In Country Resources: We’ve spent ten+ years developing relationships in country that now yield resources interested in and qualified to help with the project. These include organizations having visibility to aspirational entrepreneur candidates as well as programs that are effective in developing talent from those living in poverty. We are now codifying these relationships and will be resourcing our communications outreach so that our partner organizations and entrepreneurial resources can continue to grow and become engaged.
  • Identify and Curate Recipient Opportunities: Personal referrals from in country resources help identify some aspirational entrepreneur candidates, while developing a process to screen and curate candidates using online assessments supplemented with in person or voice screenings.
  • Recruit and Curate Entrepreneur Mentors: EAB’s global experience reaches into a wide range of entrepreneurial organizations and personal contacts that we will now begin to reach out and determine their interests in engaging.
  • Matching Seasoned Entrepreneurs with Recipients: Initial matching is accomplished through hands-on coordination by program leaders while we work towards developing design specifications of an online database and matching system to accommodate higher volume of matching requests anticipated in 2020 and beyond.
  • Tracking Mechanisms: Once a match occurs, we track what happens on outcomes as well as gather input from the entrepreneurs to guide in the refinement of processes. This is a combination of input contributed proactively by participants and supplemented with periodic follow up inquiries from program volunteers.