Entrepreneurs Across Borders (EAB) partners with people in communities, and all over the world, to help them start and grow high impact organizations. Enabled by the contribution of time, talents and treasure of many people, we help emerging entrepreneurs and high impact organizations get the resources they need to build sustainable high impact companies and organizations that create jobs, micro enterprises and develop talent with the aim of economic self sufficiency.

Entrepreneurs Have High Impact

Successful entrepreneurs have seen first hand how creating and growing a business impacts both individual lives and the greater community.

And more than anyone else, successful entrepreneurs understand how overcoming challenges to create a business from scratch can best be done with help from others who have actually done so themselves.

Most successful entrepreneurs want to give back. Giving back comes in many flavors, and there is significant interest on the part of successful entrepreneurs to help others who are truly disadvantaged due to the environment they are in.

However, even with good intentions, it is hard for successful entrepreneurs to cross borders and pick out the right opportunity for them to connect with an early stage entrepreneur in an impoverished area.

Building a Curation Process + Extending Our Reach

EAB is building a strong foundation that includes in country resources and process to identify and curate both first time entrepreneur candidates and the seasoned entrepreneurs who may be suited to help them.

Our Initiatives page provides highlights of tasks in the making we are seeking experienced entrepreneurs to help with.
Running a pilot in Jamaica has helped test ideas and will progress as our initiatives continue to unfold.

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