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What Entrepreneurs Are Telling Us

I chose to partner with EAB because I really felt that their team could help me with scaling our company throughout the region.

Keeghan Patrick

Keeghan Patrick

Rifbid, Founder & CEO

At Evergreen Mountain our mission is to back “Find a Way Founders”. EAB’s support of great entrepreneurs in developing countries aligns perfectly. We are proud to be a small part of their efforts.

Greg Moran

Greg Moran

Evergreen Mountain Equity Partners, Co-Managing Partner

What Partners Are Telling Us

EAB partnered with us to execute the MECC EAB Agricultural Project throughout 2023. Their invaluable expertise and resources have been instrumental in driving the success of this project as well as the exponential growth of a cohort…

sharon smith

Dr. Sharon Smith

paDirector, MECC

The partnership between EAB and SiliconCaribe has allowed us to achieve a couple of culture shifting achievements in Jamaica’s Tech Ecosystem specifically around our work with Tech Entrepreneurs and Investors. We have changes the live…

ingrid riley

Ingrid A Riley

Silicon Caribe