A Seed Fund for the Caribbean

EAB is spearheading the launch of a Jamaican based, member managed, early stage seed fund.

A member-managed seed fund is different from traditional venture capital models as a group of investors contributes smaller amounts and commits to being actively involved in determining investments, contributing to the success of the startups invested in, creating a community dynamic, a portfolio approach, and success path that are usually not present in traditional VC models. These types of funds are smaller but have a significant impact on creating new investors in regions where venture capital is scarce.

How It Works

A Jamaican based fund that will help power the Caribbean

  • Identify

    Entrepreneurs in emerging economies who are already changing their community.

    Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give first and make a difference by giving access to their network for emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations.

  • Curate

    We curate a custom experience that gives seasoned entrepreneurs the ability to give back and open their network in a manner that is both time efficient and as friction-less as possible.

  • Connect

    We connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through trusted referrals in the seasoned entrepreneur's network, emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries get a jump start in the life of their startups by giving them connections that may take years or decades on their own.

Our Goals

  • Access to Capital

    Startups in the Caribbean have limited access to capital. Through a portfolio model, investors provide access to seed stage capital and are ensured non-predatory terms.

  • The Ultimate Success Team

    Members of the Caribbean Seed Fund volunteer their time to provide access to their network of customers, network of experts, and network of mentors who can help aid in their success.

  • A New Class of Investors

    No longer is angel investing confined to the ultra wealthy and economic elite. By combining seasoned investors from the US with many first time investors from Jamaica, the CSF is creating a new class of investors by lowering the thresholds and learning barriers that have kept many out of the world of startup investing.

Investing In The Future

Unlike traditional venture capital funds where a select few are involved in decision making and deal sourcing, a member managed fund provides a democratized approach to investing, minimizes risk by using a portfolio model, and provides startups with access to capital as well as the expertise and networks of the investors.

The CSF is a volunteer lead and managed fund.

chris cochran

Chris Cochran

Executive Director

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To learn more about the CSF, the leadership team or how a member managed seed fund works, drop us a line!