EAB and Food For the Poor Partnership

EAB has partnered with Food For the Poor to create a new software platform and training program that will help develop community-based entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

With the help of additional partners supporting ideas for social entrepreneurship, we are developing a mobile-first software platform that will enable those working closest with under-served communities to identify individuals exhibiting traits of successful entrepreneurs, regardless of where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. These individuals will then be connected to resources, education, and relationships that can help them take the next steps in their journey.

Phase one is targeting micro entrepreneurs while phase two will target scalable entrepreneurs.

How It Works

Building the future pipeline of entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.

  • Identify

    Entrepreneurs in emerging economies who are already changing their community.

    Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give first and make a difference by giving access to their network for emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations.

  • Curate

    We curate a custom experience that gives seasoned entrepreneurs the ability to give back and open their network in a manner that is both time efficient and as friction-less as possible.

  • Connect

    We connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through trusted referrals in the seasoned entrepreneur's network, emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries get a jump start in the life of their startups by giving them connections that may take years or decades on their own.

Our Goals

  • Partnerships

    Working with partners like Food For The Poor and Silicon Caribe, EAB is pounding the pavement identifying entrepreneurs who hold the potential to start new companies that can change the world or their community.

  • Training & Preparation

    EAB Connect participants walk through a series of self assessments, and training that provide for them a lean canvas and customized pitch deck that is automatically generated for them.

  • Network

    Those who demonstrate drive, and engagement are prepped and connected with members of our network of seasoned entrepreneurs who provide, mentorship and access to their highly valuable networks.

The step in an entrepreneurial journey that can change lives.

EAB Connect is not the final destination but provides a starting point for entrepreneurs to systematically learn, practice, pitch, and refine their “big idea.”

Micro entrepreneurs learn the basics like registering their company, best accounting practices, the importance of banking and governance, product market fit, and marketing basics.

Scalable entrepreneurs are taking on a journey of refining their offering, defining a lean canvas, marketing, and how to court investors and when to do so.

chris cochran

Chris Cochran

Executive Director

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If you are passionate about entrepreneurs, software development, or training, we need you! To find out more about how you can participate with us in EAB Connect, let us know!