EAB Partnership With BizWorld

EAB has partnered with BizWorld, the largest teacher-led entrepreneurial program in the world, to bring a two day entrepreneurship summer camp to Jamaican Middle School and High School students. Together EAB and Bizworld will give students the opportunity to be inspired by their own capacity while experiencing meaningful learning curricula to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to create an impact in our world.

How It Works

A Headstart for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

  • Identify

    Entrepreneurs in emerging economies who are already changing their community.

    Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give first and make a difference by giving access to their network for emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations.

  • Curate

    We curate a custom experience that gives seasoned entrepreneurs the ability to give back and open their network in a manner that is both time efficient and as friction-less as possible.

  • Connect

    We connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through trusted referrals in the seasoned entrepreneur's network, emerging entrepreneurs in developing countries get a jump start in the life of their startups by giving them connections that may take years or decades on their own.

Our Goals

  • Planting Seeds

    Entrepreneurs change the world on a daily basis. We want to plant a vision of entrepreneurship for every single secondary school student in Jamaica and create a pipeline of innovation.

  • Fanning the Flames

    Many abandon the journey because they cannot see the destination. BizWorld training provides insights not only to how to be an entrepreneur but allows students to see “what is possible”.

  • Super Charging Skills

    Historically, the most impactful entrepreneurs of our time have had to learn through trial, error and hard knocks. BizWorld’s training helps to give students a jumpstart and avoid some potential pitfalls by teaching them skillsets that will provide a pathway to success.

Two days that will change lives.

Through our partnership with BizWorld, EAB will not only provide access to entrepreneurship training for students, but demonstrate for educators how these kinds of training programs can build better students, better businesses, and better people.

chris cochran

Chris Cochran

Executive Director

Contact Us

We are currently seeking volunteers to act as group mentors for this year’s camp. If you are interested in volunteering, let us know that we can “count you in".