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What Is Your Superpower?

Chris Cochran

Everyone has something they can do really well—in other words, a superpower. According to our Executive Director Chris Cochran, people often don’t even know what their superpower is because it comes so naturally to them. Using your superpower to help others—sometimes in  unexpected ways—became a key element of our Entrepreneurs Across Borders Impact Tour.

Held in early December 2023, our Impact Tour brought a hand-picked group of 12 American entrepreneurs and executives to Jamaica. Participants were introduced to Jamaican entrepreneurs and finance professionals and learned about the special challenges they face. During a breakfast meeting focused on women in tech and investing, a group of Jamaican entrepreneurs identified several government policy shortcomings that complicate starting a business in Jamaica. Tim Hoefer, President and CEO of the Empire Center for Public Policy based in New York, shared his experiences with grassroots activation—-in other words, empowering the average citizen to speak out on issues that need more attention. The entrepreneurs were inspired by his words, which led to a discussion on how they might become a “vocal minority” for change in Jamaica. 

Despite Tim’s distinguished career in leadership that includes starting five nonprofit organizations, he was surprised at how his advice resonated with the Impact Tour participants. He came to the Impact Tour sure that a more “stereotypically” successful entrepreneur, i.e someone who has scaled a company and had an exit, would have more relevant advice to offer Jamaican entrepreneurs. He did not recognize his superpower for inspiring grassroots activation or that it could be just the thing that a group of Jamaican entrepreneurs needed to hear about. As we continue EAB’s journey in 2024, we look forward to helping more people realize their superpower and how it can be used to help others. 

So, what’s your superpower? How do you think leveraging your superpower could help make a difference in the Caribbean?