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Time Efficient Ways To Give Back!

Chris Cochran

Jamaica Walking Tour

Are you an established entrepreneur wanting to give back to emerging entrepreneurs, but aren’t sure where to start or how to make it work with your schedule? Consider the Entrepreneurs Across Borders model: we custom create experiences that empower our members to help others. We’ll work with you to determine how you can best use your skills to make an impact, while being mindful of your other obligations. We like to think of Entrepreneurs Across Borders as being time efficient for our members—you can be as involved as much as you want to be. 

One way to get involved with Entrepreneurs Across Borders is to attend one of our events. In April 2023, we held our first Beyond the Beach conference in Kingston, Jamaica. For this event, we brought our network of established US entrepreneurs and finance professionals together with Jamaican tech leaders and  entrepreneurs for three days of pitches, presentations and optional outings—including an unforgettable, multi-course meal at the Devon House,  home of Jamaica’s first Black millionaire. Beyond the Beach was a smash success, with one of the Jamaican entrepreneurs eventually being accepted into Tech Stars. Then, in December 2023, we held our Impact Tour, where we brought our members around Jamaica,  allowing them to get a feel for the country and decide how they are best able to help. In March 2024, we will be holding Beyond the Beach 2 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We are also in talks with US corporations looking to use their company retreats in the Caribbean as a way to give back. 

Entrepreneurs Across Borders is not only centered around events. Don’t know when you’ll be able to come to Jamaica, or looking to interact with our entrepreneurs in a more one-on-one way? No problem. Reach out to us about other options to help, like speaking with a Jamaican entrepreneur via Zoom. 

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