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Upcoming Events

With the passing of our first ever EAB Event, Beyond the Beach, we are looking forward to future events. Here’s a couple coming up that you will for sure want to keep in the loop about:

Caribbean Seed Fund Meeting

As we are still in an exploratory phase for the Caribbean Seed Fund it is imperative that we start to coalesce, a group of like minded individuals who would be willing to setup and help lead an effort like this. Leaders in funds structured like the Caribbean Seed Fund get to learn an additional set of skills that average fund members sometimes lack. They typically also get a slightly higher carry. In the coming weeks the Caribbean Seed Fund will be hosting a meeting for those interested in learning more about how a member managed seed fund works, what roles there are to be filled, and ask any questions they might have. We will have more on our events page when this meeting is put on the calendar.

Beyond the Beach Fall Event

We are in the early stages of formulating another incredible event in Jamaica. Our first Beyond the Beach event was in Kingston, by invitation only and was focused on starting the relationships between Jamaican investors and startups and US based investors and connectors who want to collaborate with their Jamaican counter-parts. Our fall event is going to be even better…while we can’t say too much yet, imagine a weekend in Montego Bay where a whole host of highly successful entrepreneurs    from the US were to spend an entire weekend connecting with and mentoring entrepreneurs from across Jamaica and even the breadth of the Caribbean!

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