See a different side of Jamaica and leave behind an impact!


Visiting another country on vacation can leave one feeling like you have experienced all there is to experience from a particular culture. But we all know that when you get in with the locals you get to see nuances, challenges, beauty, and even opportunity that you may have missed because you were not looking at the experience the same way that those who live there day in and day out.

Jamaica is one such example. The experiences most people have in a resort is different than those who live there, work there, and call it “home.”

Entrepreneurs Across Borders mission is to identify, curate, and connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations like Jamaica.

We would love to include you in an exclusive experience we are calling Beyond the Beach IMPACT Tour.

We will spend three days seeing a different side of Jamaica with an eye towards how we might use our collective networks to transform the lives of both startup entrepreneurs and micro entrepreneurs across the entire country.

This is a trip unlike any vacation you have ever experienced.

  • You will hear from locals working hard to transform their nation.
  • You will meet those engaged in helping unattached young men start new businesses.
  • You will collaborate with development banks and government officials who want to learn from your experiences.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop real relationships with startup entrepreneurs who are building the future.
  • You will see areas where gangs have used corruption and the drug trade to become political operatives.

Most importantly you will come home having made a difference, and with a clear understanding of how your unique experiences as an investor or entrepreneur can help elevate Jamaica moving forward.

Event Agenda (More Coming Soon!)

Sun, November 3 - Welcome

Welcome Dinner and Briefing

Mon, November 4 - Micro-Entrepreneur Tour

"Micro Entrepreneur" Tour

Tue, November 5 - Scalable Entrepreneur Tour

Scalable Entrepreneur Tour