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Ways for emerging entrepreneurs to engage with EAB

Ask  successful entrepreneurs how they achieved that success and they will almost always mention how others helped them in their journey. Whether it was a mentor's helpful guidance, an introduction to a high value contact, or access to talent needed to take their startup to the next level, entrepreneurs can more likely achieve their dreams when they are helped by give first people” along the way.  This is why EAB believes so strongly in connecting emerging entrepreneurs to successful entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that.” If you are an emerging entrepreneur in the Caribbean and want to know how EAB can help you take your next steps check out the list below and then fill out the form at the bottom to get started

Join Our Mailing List

Simple and quick, you can join our mailing list and stay informed of all the upcoming events, engagement opportunities, and stories about entrepreneurs just like you who are making strides in their startup with a little help from the EAB network.

Register Your Startup

We are creating a database of startups, their industry focus, what stage they are at, and what kind of connections they seek.  Registering your startup with EAB is the first step towards enabling EAB  to seek out connection opportunities in line with your needs..  Registering your startup is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

Office Hours

From time to time we host office hours with a member of our successful entrepreneurs network. Office hours are a virtual opportunity to connect with a successful entrepreneur, get feedback from them and learn from other entrepreneurs as they seek the input of the Office Hours host. These one hour sessions are high energy, fun, and require only an internet connection!

Get Connected

High value contacts that could open up their network for you need to do so in the most time efficient way possible. That’s why we created EAB Connect. EAB Connect is the online platform that helps you self assess, learn about how to grow your business, and demonstrate your commitment to being an entrepreneur by getting certified that you have completed EAB’s training. EAB Connect certifications are required to make connections to members of our successful entrepreneurs network.

Pitch Platform

We believe in showcasing the talented local startups in the areas where EAB works. This is why we host pitch platforms at our various events. Pitch platforms are not competitions but rather a chance for you to practice your pitch in front of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors who may see your startup through a different lens than other places you may have pitched in the past. Want to be considered for a future pitch platform? Fill out the form below and we will review your pitch deck, and business idea and maybe you will be part of the next EAB Pitch Platform!

Find a Mentor

Mentorship comes in many forms. For some it is a long term relationship and for others it is a single moment in time that pays dividends for years to come. For Entrepreneurs that have received the EAB Connect certification, regularly engage with our partners like Kingston Beta, and have pitched at various  Pitch Platforms we have access to in our network. When we identify an entrepreneurs need with an appropriate resource in our network, we’ll also proactively help match-make a mentor relationship that could drive your future success. We can’t guarantee you a mentor, but we can help you prepare for a successful mentorship relationship and possibly connect to a mentor in our network.

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