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Ways to engage with EAB

We have worked hard to make sure that engaging with EAB is impactful, efficient, and fun. The opportunities below are examples of the ways we engage with leaders who have been screened by EAB and who are motivated to engage. If you are ready just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get you started. Oh, and if you also want to expand your network in an exclusive group of like-minded people who give first and share social impact and business opportunities, check out the our Global Entrepreneur Impact Network!

EAB Connector

Your network can change the life of an entrepreneur. Remember when you were just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey? What if someone would have met you, learned your needs, and then introduced you to real people in their network that could help jump start your work? This is exactly what a GEIN Connector does. We have a group of entrepreneurs from various industry verticals that we have been coaching and developing so that they are ready to know how to take a call, how to express their needs and give you a VERY time efficient way to connect them to the resources they need. Since this is somewhat ad-hoc it is also very time efficient. We can arrange calls that meet your time schedule, and can be as often as you would like. GEIN Connectors are the secret sauce to what makes EAB impactful. Sign up today, tell us how much time you would like to commit, fill out a short questionnaire, and we will connect you to entrepreneurs as soon as next week!

Time Commitment: Minimum of one zoom call (30 min).

Cost: Free!

Office Hours

Your experiences and wisdom can change the life of an emerging entrepreneur. Office hours are a virtual way for you to make regular impact simply by jumping in a zoom call and meeting Jamaican entrepreneurs. An hour of your time could change the trajectory of an entrepreneur.

Time Commitment:  Minimum of one hour but can also be scheduled on a regular basis.

Cost: Free!

Special Presentations

Special presentations can be anything from a virtual presentation, or an in-person speaking engagement, to small group (or even larger group) workshops. If you have something that would benefit entrepreneurs, let us help custom craft an engagement that will highlight your experiences and success, and benefit the entrepreneurs of Jamaica. Special presentations can be geared towards scalable startup entrepreneurs or even micro entrepreneurs.

Time Commitment: These vary based on the type of presentation, virtual vs. in-person, and length of presentation. Recommended minimum of one hour.

Cost: Varies depending on type of presentation

Personal Out of the Box Meetings in Jamaica

Whether it is a family vacation, a group trip, or even a destination wedding, we can custom create meetings in Jamaica that will create give back experiences unlike anything you have ever done. Set aside a morning or afternoon and we will set you up with one or more curated meetings to make your time in Jamaica by connecting you to entrepreneurs who would benefit from your mentorship and input. Out of the Box meetings are completely customizable and meant to be flexible.  Even vacationers can carve out a few hours and we’ll hook you up so you can relax AND feel good about leaving the island a better place because of your investment Jamaica’s  people!

Time Commitment: We recommend a minimum of a half day, but can accommodate any schedule.

Cost: Varies depending on meeting requirements/transportation, etc.

Executive Team Offsites & Forum Retreats

Executive Retreats can be incredibly meaningful and galvanizing for your group of executives gathering outside the business to strengthen vision, commitment and team building. Imagine how much more so if there is an opportunity for your group to give back by helping entrepreneurs in developing nations. EAB can help you plan  a portion of your executive retreat that includes a structured approach to interacting with a curated group of entrepreneurs who can benefit from the expertise and interests of your team..These are custom created experiences that can include a workshop, breakout sessions, and relationship building activities with local entrepreneurs in Jamaica. Having your team engaged in a high impact “pay it forward” experience will create lasting memories and demonstrate your company cares about making a difference. 

Time Commitment: these vary based on the type of event you would like created. We would recommend a minimum of 3-4 hours during a retreat.

Cost: Varies based on engagement. Executive Retreat Forums can be tailored to meet your budget and needs.

Impact Tours

There is a Jamaica that most of us never see if only there on vacation. Our Impact Tours create a 3 day journey into the culture, challenges, triumphs, and people that you would not meet on a typical vacation. Impact tours are designed for groups of 10 to 20 individuals and most typically provide opportunities to visit multiple locations across the island. These are not sightseeing tours, they are a unique opportunity to see a multi-dimensional Jamaica with an eye towards how we might use our collective networks to transform the lives and businesses of both startup entrepreneurs and micro entrepreneurs. View the schedule from our 2023 Impact Tour as an example. 

Time Commitment: 3 days in-country

Cost: $2,599 per person (price may vary if tours are customized, Airfare not included)

Custom Impact Events for Your Group

Impact Events are bespoke opportunities to make an impact in Jamaica. Over the course of two to five days, your team can use their skill sets and expertise to train and upskill local Jamaicans. Working alongside locals you and your team can deepen their relationships and bond while investing in locals.These are the ultimate team building event. Experience has shown us that those who participate in multi day team building give-back trips like this, form long term bonds and strengthen teams in a way that stereotypical corporate retreats don’t. Since these are bespoke events, give us your ideas, or let us brainstorm with you to create a once in a lifetime experience.

Time Commitment: these vary based on the type of event you would like created. We would recommend a minimum of 48 hours.

Cost: Varies based on engagement. Impact Events can be tailored to meet your budget and needs.

Residencies for Digital Nomads

Imagine working remotely in Jamaica while getting in deep with the entrepreneurial community and making a real impact. That’s what Residencies for Digital Nomads are. We coordinate a place for an extended stay in Jamaica that is suitable for your needs and budget, and get you connected to all of the local tech and business events, groups, and players in the Jamaican ecosystem. What do we ask in return? Set office hours for JA Entrepreneurs to meet with you, teach one workshop and attend one local event. Residencies can be anywhere from two weeks to ninety days. Sign up and we’ll take care of all the details!

Time Commitment: 14 to 90 days

Cost: Varies depending on length of stay (Airfare not included)

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