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Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Listen we know you are busy. It seems like everyone is vying for your time and attention. At EAB, we want you to be involved at a level and commitment that fits your lifestyle and schedule. Want to join us for a week in a "Boots on the ground" trip to a developing country? We got you covered. Just want a quarterly update from our team on opportunities and progress? We got you there too. Interested in how you can help stimulate economic growth in the startup ecosystems of the Caribbean? Ask us about the Caribbean Seed Fund which is in an exploratory phase right now. Join us by subscribing below and we will work with you to create a membership experience that is right for you. If you REALLY want to go deep, ask us about our Global Impact Network. It is not listed here, but it gives you opportunities, experiences, and relationships that you probably won't find anywhere else.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

Our team has collectively been working with those entrepreneurs from developing countries for decades. Are you in a developing country and looking for support, mentorship, or access to resources? EAB's team will work to identify your needs and then curate relationships with seasoned entrepreneurs from our network in an effort to catalyze your efforts and move the needle for you and your team. When you subscribe, free of charge, it begins the process of helping you get connected to the right relationships. Are you the founder of a scalable startup in the Caribbean? Ask us about the Caribbean Seed Fund that is in an exploratory phase right now!

Strategic Partners

Are you part of a group doing work that would complement the mission of EAB? Subscribe today and our team will begin the discovery process of figuring out how we can impact the world of emerging entrepreneurs and developing countries together. Whether you are an NGO, governmental agency, or even an institutional investor looking for opportunities to invest in early stage startups, EAB can work with you to collaborate on the mission together (we are even in the exploratory phase of helping launch the Caribbean Seed Fund...more on that soon). Subscribe today and our team will work with you to find strategic alliances and areas we can both be more effective...together.

Friends of EAB

No one can operate in a bubble. We all need help from our friends from time to time and EAB is no different. Maybe you care deeply about the mission of EAB but can't dedicate any time right now, we understand. If this is you, would you consider joining us as a friend of EAB? Your financial support and/or connections to your network to help spread the vision of our mission would help us affect even more developing entrepreneurs. Subscribing as a Friend of EAB is free and when you do, our team will reach out to discover how you can further our work be it through a financial contribution, introductions in your network, or access to resources at your disposal. We are even at the exploratory phase of helping launch the Caribbean Seed Fund (CSF), an early stage, member managed seed fund based in Jamaica and focusing on the Caribbean. Ask us more about the CSF! EAB "gets by with a little help from our friends!"

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