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Working To Create a Better Tomorrow For Emerging Economies

Our Story

Seventy-three million young women and men are unemployed, and we are on a mission to change that.  

Martin Babinec founded Entrepreneurs Across Borders (EAB) after a trip to Jamaica fifteen years ago where, after two days in a resort, he found himself needing to "do something." This lead to him taking a drive away from the glitzy resort areas of the island into areas where poverty was rampant and hope for economic opportunity was at a premium.

Being an ardent believer that entrepreneurs can solve any problem, and a product of Silicon Valley's startup community, Martin began to explore the possibility that entrepreneurs who have achieved a level of success would be willing to "give first" to entrepreneurs in emerging economies without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

As is the case with many startups EAB was born out of a simple question:

What if we could identify seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give back and curate an experience for them that connects them to entrepreneurs in developing nations and provide opportunities otherwise unavailable to these emerging entrepreneurs?

Welcome to Entrepreneurs Across Borders, a nonprofit organization based in the United States that is founded and operated by successful entrepreneurs who are committed to transforming lives in develpoing countries through economic self-sufficiency. With the help of other successful entrepreneurs and their contribution of time, talents, and treasures, we partner with emerging entrepreneurs in communities, and all over the world, to help them start and grow high impact organizations and companies that will create jobs, micro-enterprises, and develop talent to reach economic self-sufficiency.

EAB also identifies programs that are effective at developing talent and connects these programs to experienced entrepreneurs and resources that can help the programs grow and prosper.  

At EAB we believe entrepreneurs play a critical role in contributing to strong and stable communities, which is why we identify, curate, and connect emerging entrepreneurs with the resources and seasoned entrepreneurs they need to create jobs, sustainable livelihoods, and equitable growth.

What We Believe In

  • We believe that entrepreneurs hold the keys to overcoming challenges
  • We believe that entrepreneurs know first hand how growing a business can impact lives and communities
  • We believe most entrepreneurs want to give back
  • We believe most entrepreneurs don’t know where to start giving back in economically disadvantaged countries

Thriving entrepreneurs have seen first-hand how creating and growing a business impacts both individual lives and the greater community, and more than anyone else, they understand how overcoming challenges to create a business from scratch can best be done with help from others who have faced these obstacles themselves.

Most successful entrepreneurs want to give back, and guiding individuals who do not have the experience or access to resources to develop a sustainable business by sharing their entrepreneurial experience is the ideal way.

However, even with good intentions, it is hard for successful entrepreneurs to cross borders and pick out the right opportunity for them to connect with an early stage entrepreneur who faces experience and resource disadvantage.

Fortunately, EAB was created to build a bridge that connects emerging entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs and help facilitate the exchange of valuable information and resources that serve to develop a successful business that will lead to economic self-sufficiency.

What We Do

Our mission, while broad is simple; identify, curate, connect.


At EAB we begin by working with our partners in emerging economies to identify entrepreneurs who are already changing their community. We are also working to identify seasoned entrepreneurs who want to give first and make a difference by giving access to their network for emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations.


Once we have identified seasoned entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs we curate a custom experience that gives seasoned entrepreneurs the ability to give back and open their network in a manner that is both time efficient and as friction-less as possible.


Once we have curated experiences and relationships we connect seasoned entrepreneurs with emerging entrepreneurs in developing nations. Through trusted referrals in the seasoned entrepreneur's network, emerging entreprenurs in developing countries get a jump start in the life of their startups by giving them connections that may take years or decades on their own.

Who We Are

Want to Meet the EAB Team?

EAB is a growing organiztion. Our team is growing all the time.

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We believe entrepreneurs are our greatest hope to solve the world's biggest challenges.

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