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Emerging Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in general need support, assistance, and access that is not traditionally available. If you are in an developing country, those connections may mean the difference not only between success or failure, but a life of economic prosperity or continuing the cycle of poverty.

EAB is currently working side-by-side with civil society, private sector, academia, and international development partners to accomplish Jamaica’s poverty reduction efforts by using the following key initiatives:

  • Develop a Sustainable Village founded on the theme of economic self-sufficiency

  • Improve Educational and Vocational Training

  • Support Micro & Small Enterprise

  • Scale high impact entrepreneurial organizations

  • Implement EAB’s Sustainable Agriculture Program

We have also started working on a one-on-one basis with emerging entrepreneurs in different areas of Jamaica.

If you are an entrepreneur in a developing nation, and looking for support, access, or resources, click the link below tell us how we can help you as you build your dreams.

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